I am a mother, an aspiring mom-boss, and a fashion, lifestyle, and fitness loving female. We, (my husband and I), strive to raise good citizens of humanity and Mother Earth. We love travel and the outdoors, and share where we’ve been and how we’ve done it. We tell the fun sides and the honest flops of parenthood, and we do it with smiles, frowns, tears, and laughter. We believe in living the life you’ve always imagined, and in doing so simply, beautifully, and naturally. I blog in order to share, empathize with, and learn from you! This is our story of how we are making little life changes and big life moves that we hope will propel us to lead a more minimal, intentional, and natural lifestyle. I hope to connect and form a spiritual bond with many of you of similar intentions! Looking forward to meeting you!



First and Foremost, I’m Mama.
Everything I do stems from my primary role as a loving parent and role model to my three, (soon-to-be four), children.  I try to share my experience in this role as honestly and humbly as possible, while staying true to the person I was and am, apart from my mom job.

Secondly, I like to be me.  I love slow, understated, and curated fashion ranging from bohemian chic to straight up classic, “periodesque” styles sustainably made from eco-friendly, natural organic fibers: think linen, flax, cotton, hemp, bamboo, tencel.  Yes, I’m a mom, but I want to look good at it too. I want to feel good about looking good as a Mama of four, and I’m here to share how I achieve that through a daily lifestyle of health and fitness.
Next, I’m an athlete, through and through. Whether you are a weekend warrior, competitive ex-pro, or fair weather friend to fitness, I’m always one to tout the benefits of any level of exercise for a Mama’s mental and physical well-being. Occasionally I’ll share some personal tips on how I get and stay fit, and how YOU can TOO!

For the Wanderluster: I love travel. And for me, raising little world travelers is one of the gifts I want to impart to my children. It is important to me that I raise open-minded, people-loving humans who judge not the culture or the color of those people’s skin.  In this blog, I will share my family’s journey around the globe, in hopes of leading by example, as you venture on your own family travels.
I’m also extremely excited to announce that I am in the works of launching my own label.  Yep, I’m working on not only being a Mom, but a Boss too! This little journey might take some time, especially with the impending birth of our fourth ragamuffin. I deeply appreciate all the good vibes and support as I push through this exciting new goal in what may seem like just another mum’s life, but I do hope to share some lust-worthy products down the road. Stay tuned! You won’t regret it!

Finally, I love to write, and I love to meet and connect with others. I will write about anything and everything in and around the topics I have just mentioned. I especially cannot wait to start sharing and connecting with many of you! Thanks for sticking with 🙂 So much love!



Meet & Greet

Hello to everyone! Welcome to those of you just now following this new blogging mum’s journey with her family of soon-to-be six! For those of you who may have followed me a bit prior, when I was posting from Squarespace, (bohovelomama.squarespace.com), you may have gotten a taste of what my style and flavor is like. …


I would love to hear from you!

Contact me any time with questions, to say ‘Hi,’ ask for advice, or simply to comment and connect. You can:

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